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Making Pizza is Fun
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Therapeutic Integration (TI)

Helping children and teens enjoy recreational activities while practicing their social skills in a way that addresses their needs.

TI Service – In Home and Community
A treatment plan based service that allows children and teens the opportunity to enjoy recreational activities, practice social skills, and learn community skills with staff in a 1:1 ratio. Community social group pods may be scheduled with family consultant guidance.
TI Service – Virtual 
A treatment plan based service that allows children and teens the opportunity to enjoy recreational activities and practice their social skills in a safe and accepting online group environment. 1:1 sessions may be scheduled with family consultant guidance.

Celebrate Ability Virtual Groups

Safe environments to encourage active participation and practice social skills.

Celebrate Ability virtual groups are designed with different levels and abilities in mind, to strengthen the social interaction and communication skills of children, teens, and young adults with ASD. 

Allowing children and teens the opportunity to practice these skills with and without others in a low pressure environment, matched to their abilities and needs, can lead to development of communication and social skills more readily.

We believe that participants will learn through their positive experiences, and we provide a safe environment to encourage active participation and practice social skills. If a participant is not ready for a virtual group setting, virtual 1:1 sessions may be scheduled. Supports we provide to promote socialization and independence include:

Club Celebrate
The Club is a safe hang out for teens and young adults to build friendships through participation in online chats and games. Participants practice the building blocks to foster friendships and increase social skills.
Music Jams
Music, which activates a different part of the brain than speech, has been a popular and calming way for children and teens to enjoy socializing.
Girl’s Tea Time
Tea Time is an offshoot of Club Celebrate for girls in our program and is aimed at creating a safe space for them to create and foster friendships.
Gaming /Anime Club
This group incorporates gaming, role play, and hands-on activities to enable another way of creating friendships and practicing social skills. Basic social concepts are introduced. Group goals focus on improving self regulation, conversational skills and turn taking.
Zam Dance
ZamDance is a high impact dance fitness program for children and adults that introduces a structured environment while allowing the dancers to move at their own pace. The classes also keep the students engaged while learning different dance steps such as merengue, jazz, and hip-hop. https://zamdance.com/
Celebrate Social Skills
Celebrate SS is a more structured group aimed at building communication and social skills. It focuses on several main topics – Self esteem building, social cues, self regulation, emotional literacy, and social communication. Children and teens are grouped into classes of 3-6.

TI Service Plans for each participant

A family consultant will work with each child and family to identify individualized goals and objectives for each participant and assess progress regularly.

Virtual Groups for Families!

Celebrate Ability believes that a child and teen’s family is vitally important to their success. To help bolster this success, we have started two new programs.

Celebrate Siblings
These groups, divided into elementary and middle school groups, are focused on siblings of children and teens in our program. It provides an accepting space for siblings to interact and share their experiences. Elementary groups include activities such as art projects and book reading.
Celebrate Connections
Celebrate Ability’s parent support group is moderated by family consultants and touches on a variety of topics relating to parenting a child with ASD and gives parents the opportunity to connect with to discuss with one another, the challenges facing parents of children on the Spectrum.

Contact Celebrate Ability for more information or to enroll.

“We are very grateful that our son Jake attends Celebrate Ability after school, Spring and Summer Break Camps. He has excelled as a result of the various programs included within the camp. Notable camp programs include Yoga, Arts and Crafts, Drums Instruction, and his two favorites Cooking and ZamDance. All of the staff at Celebrate Ability are caring and vested in Jake’s long term achievements. Jake has demonstrated increased independence and confidence since attending Celebrate Ability the past 4 years. Without reservation we highly recommend Celebrate Ability camps!”